Blink – Press release (english)

Connective Records and Stockholm Jazz Orchestra are honored to present a production which can easily be described as a masterpiece by one of the biggest talents in Swedish jazz. This year’s recipient of the Jan Johansson award Martin Sjöstedt is not just one of the most sought after musicians in Europe both as a bassist and pianist, but is now also being showcased as a brilliant arranger and composer.

Grammy award-winning composer Jim McNeely writes in the liner notes:

With this CD, Martin reveals the scope of his abilities as composer and arranger for big band, and they are impressive. It’s very satisfying to see someone whom I remember as the new, young guy, develop into a major voice as a composer/arranger for big band.

What makes In the Blink of an Eye so unique is that each composition features one or more of the soloists in the Stockholm Jazz Orchestra. There is no shortage of strong, original voices here since the SJO is comprised of the some of the best soloists and improvisors in Sweden. Due to Martin’s nearly ten years of experience in the band, he has gotten to know all of the members’ musical personalities and is therefore able to compose music which is specifically intended for each featured soloist. The music spans a wide variety of differing moods from strong and energetic to a more lyrical and dreamy quality, and continues to the aggressive, atonal title track In the Blink of an Eye.

Stockholm Jazz Orchestra is without a doubt one of the leading big bands in the world today. Since the early 1990’s the band has collaborated with big names like Maria Schneider, Bob Brookmeyer and Joe Lovano, among others, and has toured, among other places, South Africa, Mexico and Argentina. Read more about the band at

The release concert will be held at Teaterstudio Lederman in Stockholm on September 27th 2013.